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Step away, find some renewal!

This beautiful home is perfect for spiritual retreats for both individuals, and for small groups.  The Mariposa Retreat hosts people from a wide range of faith backgrounds. The retreat is owned by the United Methodist Church.

It is nestled in a lovely neighborhood and has the feel of a real retreat! For cost and availability call or email!

1241 Orange Grove Ave. South Pasadena, CA | 760-249-3453   |

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With two large meeting rooms retreat guests can relax and enjoy time apart from busyness.

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From the moment you step onto the porch you feel the world's worries fade away.

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A retreat consultant is available to help you plan the perfect retreat for either an individual or a small group!

"The best part of this retreat was slowing down, taking account, being at  peace for hours at a time."

Retreat Participant

April, 2022

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